gifts for girls

Gifts for fashionistas

So your fashion crazy friend’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what gifts to pick? Read on for our picks!

gifts for girls

1. An LBD. A fashionista can never have enough LBD’s (little black dresses) in her wardrobe. A timeless piece, it is called a ‘classic’ for a reason. Gift her a nice LBD and she’ll be the happiest soul on earth. PS: We hope you know her dress size 😉

2. Shoes: Every fashion conscious girl loves some killer heels, and you’d find a ton of them in her shoe wardrobe. Yes, a whole shoe wardrobe! Classic stillettoes, pumps, etc are everyone’s favourites!

3. Some fancy makeup. There are tons of makeup brands that make those gorgeous makeup palettes that come in super handy when getting ready, and if anything more than her wardrobe, makeup is a fashionista’s best friend!

4. A  handbag or clutch that goes well with her personality and dressing style. A studded clutch is a good gifting option if your friend is a party person.

5. Perfume: A good perfume is a necessity in every wardrobe, and those who follow fashion closely like to change their perfume with every dress, mood and day! You can never go wrong with perfume as a gift!

6. Watches: The trends for watches change every now and then. Help your friend update her wardrobe by gifting her a stylish new watch!

7. Coffee table fashion books like Monsieur Dior, Louis Vuitton fashion Photography, etc make for stunning coffee table books, and reads!

8. Jewelry: depending on your friend’s taste in jewelry, you could gift her delicate trinkets or statement accessories. Or better still, gift her a jewelry subscription plan for upto an entire year which has a mix of all kinds of latest jewelry. Who doesn’t love a surprise box of jewelry delivered at their doorstep each month?

zotiqq jewelry subscription

Select a gift from above, and your fashion-forward friend will never be disappointed!


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