Play up your monsoon fashion!

After the hot, sultry summers messing with our skin and moods thanks to the ever soaring temperatures, monsoon is a much awaited relief from the scorching heat! The dark grey skies, the clap of thunder now and then and that peaceful sound of the pattering raindrops on our roof push aside our hectic schedules forcing us to retrospect; wonder at the beauty of nature and appreciate it! A poet’s muse and a true fashionista’s paradise, Monsoon is the season where our fashion sense takes a bold turn and breathes romantic and dreamy. Reds, fluorescent pinks, blues, magentas, fuchsias, acid greens are the top colors to play with, a sharp contrast to the constant grey overcast lighting up our personality even more!

monsoon fashion trends


This season screams of ‘breaking the monotony’ so add oodles of chic to your outfits by accessorizing right! Statement collar necklaces to chunky bracelets and delicate drop earrings to cocktail rings, our new season jewelry will add a little something extra to day and evening ensembles. Think outside the box and step up your game with this season’s trend of layered jewelry. Multichain necklaces, bracelets and stackable rings make a strong impact on a solid monochrome outfit and their versatility takes us from dawn to dusk with equal panache.

The hottest style this season is short skirts, capri’s, sling and tank tops with cargo pants, dungarees and jumpsuits. A classic pair of shorts is just perfect to team with a blazer for work, a simple graphic tee for fun or a classy blouse for the evening. Body hugging denim gets extremely heavy when wet taking ages to dry so it is best to avoid it this time of the year. Stick to breathable cotton fabrics in bold colors and detailed prints to catch the eye.

Anything flowy and bling in the likes of long skirts or maxis and footwear is best avoided amidst those horrifying puddles! Strappy rubber rain sandals, cute animated flip-flops and colorful wellington boots are the go-to for the rainy season being style and comfort in one accessory.

monsoon trends

Give your favorite leather Hobos a miss to avoid them getting ruined when caught in a downpour and opt for funky waterproof bags instead.

The final asset to your monsoon wardrobe is a catchy transparent raincoat which gives a soothing effect to your entire wardrobe of colorful clothes underneath.

Go easy on the makeup, water-proof products being an absolute must unless you want your liner and mascara running down your face in the humidity or thanks to the showers! A bright matte lipstick, waterproof mascara and funky jewelry will do the trick. So head out, enjoy the showers and live life at its fashionably best this season of love!

zotiqq fashion jewelry


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