Top 5 fashionistas on-the-go!

Not only does an aspiring fashionista walks and talks fashion, they even travel fashion! Gone are the days when a velour tracksuit or a worn out hoodie would be our staple travel outfits. Today it is all about looking your fashionable best even when on the go if you don’t want your fashion quotient plummeting! So sartorial superiority at all times – in-flight and the business class lounge included – is the maxim we swear by. For tips on how to pull that off we have collected the airport attires of our top 5 style icons, after all who could get it any better than our forever-on-the-go celebrities! 😉

1.Sonam Kapoor: The Quintessential Fashionista

sonam kapoor

It comes as no surprise that our beloved Sonam is the ace style icon in our country, her outfits always on point without ever failing to create an impact. Her travel ensemble is no less with her Elie Saab coat and bag being the hero pieces of that particular look. We can emulate it even by opting for a printed blazer to bring a refreshing twist to a simple white shirt and black jeans. She pulls off that black polka dot dress with equal grace. Sonam’s impeccable fashion sense is validated with her Fendi pant-suit and Birkin bag which makes her look like a corporate Goddess. Kudos!

2.Deepika Padukone : Geek Chic

deepika padukone

Giving tough competition to Sonam is the very classy Deepika Padukone who steals the title of Geek Chic with her trusty oversized frames never failing to make an appearance in her airport look. Her style has oodles of chic with absolutely no compromise on comfort. We heart her fall look with the draped scarf vintage pullover and evergreen aviators  just as much as her trendy girl next door look with the simple electric blue tee covered by a striped blazer and her geeky glasses. She believes in comfort clothing and sticks to denims adding a pop of color with that gorgeous orange, the feminine fishtail braid being the cherry on top! Trust her to rock those boots with a stylish check top and slacks so fabulously. Ten-on-ten!

3.Kangana Ranaut: The Experimental Wiz

kangana ranaut

Our ‘Queen’ has a way with putting together a cocktail of outfits, and pulling them off with finesse even while travelling. The latest celebrity to join the fashionistas band-wagon, her cutesy as well as bold fashion sense speaks volumes about her versatility not just as an actor but also as a style icon. From the uber feminine blouse + fawn pants combo to the sexy tee + ombre hot pants ( brownie points for that lustful LV strolley!), from the punk denim-on-denim avatar(we adore the cap ) to the demure formal tucked-in blouse + midi A-line skirt+  tan oxford shoes , she hits bulls eye, every single time! Her gorgeous curls, permanent glares and choice of bags add significantly to her fashion quotient. You Go girl!!

4.Priyanka Chopra: Comfortably Casual

priyanka chopra

All her looks have a common link connecting them, their extreme comfort and simplicity (Sneakers to the rescue! ). But leave it to the former Ms. World to keep her casual avatar miles away from boring. She keeps it stylish by highlighting one particular element of her outfit, like the beautiful blue stole, the color-blocked hoodie or the daring leopard print pants! Her jacket is her constant, and she clearly believes in comfortable and handy travel bags. Sporty luxe has been her repertoire of choice and statement tees are becoming her signature travel go-to! This ‘Exotic’ girl has SWAG!

5. Alia Bhatt: The Girl-Next-Door

alia bhatt

We can’t get enough of B-Town’s youngest fashionista, from her enviable style to her sartorial prowess; Alia Bhatt has definitely won a million hearts. Most of her appearances follow the ‘less is more’ adage and the same is witnessed in her travel outfits. Whether it’s girly or edgy she always manages to turn heads by going low-key and sophisticated. The chambray shirt and the pop of color with those pink pants not to forget her gorgeous tote bag is an outfit anybody can put together and look chic. Denims teamed with the Au revoir Paris top from River Island, off shoulder navy blue top and knee-length suede boots in grey, Alia gets the balance between comfy, trendy and eye catching bang on. This ‘student of the year’ has certainly graduated with top marks in fashion!

These fashionistas have been on fire (my favourite being Sonam for her sheer brilliance in carrying out any outfit). Now we can take cues from them in fashion with comfort and look chic while travelling too, so get ready to model that ‘runway’, literally 😉


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