Jewelry storage ideas you’ll love!

Shout out to all the budding fashionistas and trendsetters out there! We all have seen and heard time and again on how to keep our chic quotient on point by dressing and accessorizing right, knowing when to go all bling and when to take the road to sober. But the key behind actual success lies in the organizational skills. It’s not just about owning the right baubles but knowing when to adorn what which is impossible in a messy cluttered trinket box! Zotiqq not only presents you with an array of statement jewelry every month but also enlists some handy tips on how to store and flaunt your prized collection in style, with convenience as the cherry on top. So ditch the procrastination, choose your pick and get going !

1. The Secret Closet: For the ones who prefer handy and ‘dust-free’ over fashionable display, this is the thing for you. A super convenient option where you can easily design this hidden closet with the customized shelves and hooks for your jewelry. Since it is attached to the mirror, it does not occupy a separate space for a display and avoids the clutter of a jewelry box stashed away in your dresser.

fashion jewelry storage

2. Dangling Earring Organiser : Put those rusting chains to some use and upcycle it as an extremely stylish organiser for your danglers. Innovative and trendy, who would have thought of this use for a worn out chain !

fashion jewelry storage

3. Lamp Jewelry Display: Speaking of innovation, here is another out of the ‘box’ way (pun intended 😉 ) of displaying your precious earring collection. Simply hang them or pin them through your lampshade for a twist to your room décor. Just make sure the material of the lampshade allows it without any damage and voila! You have yourself a customized glowing earring holder.

fashion jewelry storage ideas

4. Vintage Suitcase Jewelry Storage: Don’t know what to do with that small old suitcase rotting away at the back of your cupboard? Here is an idea. Cover its insides with some burlap, the base in the form of rolls to hold your jewelry. A perfect way to avoid messy tangles and broken chains. It’s USP? Super handy and portable. Keep aside those woes and just pack in your little vintage suitcase for the next holiday, a la jewelry!

fashion jewelry storage

5. Glass Bottle Jewelry Display: Cheers to another reason to load up on alcohol on the weekend! Just kidding 😉 Stock up on all those pretty glass bottles(preferably with longer necks) you no longer have use for and use them to stack your bracelets, cuffs and endless collection of bangles. Uncluttered and Oh-so-Pretty!!

fashion jewelry storage

6. Animal Jewelry Holder : Turn on your quirky side by turning these fun little ceramic animal decorations as your jewelry holders. Perfect for your ring stacks and bauble studs. Go on; bring out the animal lover inside you!

fashion jewelry storage

For the ones who are willing to tap their creative side and put in more effort to show their affection for jewelry, you will not get disappointed. Here are 4 super cool and pretty DIY techniques to flaunt your laboriously collected finery!

7. Branch Jewelry Holder: Intricate and feminine, it adds elegance to your room décor. All you require is branches cut out in the desired manner (remember to use thin branches and soften their edges with sandpaper to avoid cuts and scrapes). Paint them metallic or any color of your choice that complements your jewelry collection. Use metallic strips of wire to attach the branch at different spots to your wall with nails. Be prepared to admire your jewelry all day long now!

fashion jewelry storage

8. Driftwood Jewelry Display: If the branch holder seems a tad bit too tedious, here is an alternative to it.All you require is driftwood, rope, nails, screw in hooks, paint, hammer and a glue gun. Take a rope and tie it on both ends of your driftwood securing it by putting a little glue between the wood and the rope. You can paint the nails a lovely colour (a pretty seafoam green like this gives off a very beachy theme). Now just hammer your nails into the wood wherever you feel looks best and screw in your hooks along the bottom of the wood. You have yourself an innovative DIY jewelry display! Let the creativity flow…

fashion jewelry storage

9. Framed Lace Jewelry Display:  Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all? Stop bugging yourself with this exercise ladies and make use of the gorgeous intricate frame of your old deteriorating mirrors! Remove the mirror, take the empty frame, and add in lace ribbons, ornament hooks-to hang necklaces, bracelets and you have made yourself a one of a kind display for your accessories. Just cut the lace ribbons and stick them to the back of the mirror frame. All you have to do now is hang your earrings on the lace. Tada!

fashion jewelry storage

10. Framed Wine Cork Jewelry Display:A stylish and economic alternative to the lace display is this one which makes good use of the otherwise useless corks left from our wine bottles! Just glue your corks within your frame to the backing of your frame lengthwise and sticking out (as shown in the photo) – the protruding corks can be for your necklaces. Screw your screw hooks into various corks for necklaces, rings and bracelets – note: the earrings with post backs don’t need hooks because they can just be pushed into the cork itself! Hammer your nail and hang! Classic and chic!

fashion jewelry storage ideas

So now that we have learned 10 new amazing and unique ways of storing and displaying our lovelies, I’m sure all the trendsetters out there can’t wait to Instagram or Snapchat their latest display in style! Do tag us with #Zotiqq and let us know more ideas for the same! Savvy? 😉

Images courtesy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67, 8, 9, 10.


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