Friendship day gifting ideas!

FRIEND. Indisputably stands for : Few Relations In Earth Never Die. But how often in today’s world of social media and WhatsApp do we actually take out time to catch up personally with our friends? Instead of a ping we take out the time to just simply call? Instead of tagging a photo on Instagram or Facebook we take the effort of buying them a small present or better still make them one as an expression of our gratitude and bond everlasting! It’s time to remedy that folks, with ten of these simple and cute ideas to put to use this Friendship Day and show them how important they are to you.  They won’t burn a hole in your pocket but speak volumes about your love for sure! 🙂

  1. Jar of Messages

What an amazing way of saying how much they mean to you every single day of the year! He did his for his lady love but we love our friends just as much. Illuminate your besties’s face each morning with a beautiful smile with this simple gesture. This friendship is sure for keeps if you take this effort.

friendship day gift ideas

  1. Minion neckpiece

Let’s face it! Who on this planet doesn’t love this cutest animation created! Hunt up all the stores or browse online and gift your partner in crime this adorable accessory. She sure should know that for you she’ll always be ‘One in a Minion’ 😉

friendship day gift ideas

  1. Gift hampers

Nothing new or unconventional with this one but it is a sure shot guaranteed way of making your best friend’s day. Personalizing it to their needs shows how well you know them and acknowledge it in this effort of compiling their very own hamper. Big Bear hug to this friendship!

friendship day gifting ideas

  1. Chocolates

Speaking of conventional, one might feel a chocolate is passé when it comes to gifting. But remember the golden rule; A girl is never too old for some chocolate (unless of course she never fancied it in the first place). Work on the presentation to add some spark like it is done in the image and share the love with good old chocolate.

friendship day gift ideas

  1. Message in a bottle

Take some tips from Nicholas Sparks and write a special message for your soul sister in this creative presentation. Your message will be preserved in the scroll sure, but the glass bottle, the locket all adds to its aesthetic quotient. Don’t worry she will not toss this one in the sea! 😛

friendship day gift ideas

  1. DIY Photo lantern

If you feel scrapbooks and photo collages are clichéd for your taste, then this is just the thing for you. A Do-It-Yourself lantern customised with your best pictures. A lovely way to preserve you memorable moments captured and glowing with the warmth of your friendship, you can follow the link for the instructions and believe me this is a gift your friend will cherish throughout life!

friendship day gift ideas

  1. DIY Flip Flops

Never shy away from gifting something which is of utility! These cool and simple do it yourself flip flops will be special to your friend because they were made by you. And the love behind your excellent craftsmanship will make her love them even more. So think outside the box with this option and rock the bonds of your friendship.

friendship day gift ideas

  1. Alcohol Periodic table

There’s always that one friend in the group whose first love is booze! Show how much you love their crazy obsessions with these unique alcohol periodic table coasters for their chilled beer nights. Because friendship is all about loving them for who they are; they’ll love you more, promise!

friendship day gift ideas

  1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S poster

Hands down the best way to show how much your friendship means to you by gifting them the epitome of true friendship, a framed poster of the evergreen show F.R.I.E.N.D.S adorning their walls. No better gift for a crazy friends fan than this. They ought to know you’ll be there for them! 😉

friendship day gift ideas

  1. Gift box from Zotiqq

Saving the best for the last (talk about modesty), this list cannot end without our #awesomesauce jewelry subscription box. Surprise your best friend with this bundle of sheer happiness at her doorstep with the trendiest jewelry items from Zotiqq. Gift one from here.

“Just like me and you, your clothes need a BFF too” 😀

zotiqq jewelry subscriptions

It’s true that genuine friendship cannot be celebrated in just a day, but there’s no harm in making your person who is nothing short of family in your life, who gets you like no one else, without who life wouldn’t be the same; smile a little extra one day. Happy Friendship day folks, Cheers!

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