I Hate You Like I Love You!! #SiblingLove

He is your default guy best friend and bodyguard rolled into one. Your brother is the only person in the world you can run to and hide your face when you’ve been mischievous or in those heart wrenching moments when all you want to do is to be in someone’s comforting arms.  This love-hate relationship is truly the best in the world and one should always cherish it. This Raksha Bandhan tag your brothers and take a trip down memory lane with Zotiqq with this little piece on how wonderful this bond is with its quirks and spice!

The infamous fight over the remote. Check. Taking it everywhere around with you so that he doesn’t flip the channel whilst you’re gone. Double Check.

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Amazon India Couture Week 2015

amazon fashion week

Traditionally ‘Couture’ in India is synonymous to Bridal Wear. As we glide down the years, the modifications in ceremonies get reflected in the  choice of wedding attires too, with the need to dress to nines altered and more contemporary options being opted for. Vintage colors, capelets and embroidered full length jackets are the raging new trends this season. The gown silhouettes range from body hugging columns to full skirts. Interestingly, pure whites too are seen carving their way into the trousseau. From hybrid ethnic wear to cocktail gowns that can be adorned in the wedding ceremonies, Zotiqq brings to you some of the best looks from Amazon India Couture Week held between 29th July-2nd August 2015.

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Zotiqq August subscription box- Sneak Peek

After the gloomy monsoons, August marks the beginning of the festivities in India. With Rakshabandhan in the same month, excitement is at it’s peak. And the festive season means there’s going to be lots of social gatherings and merry making. Let Zotiqq accessories come to the rescue with their August jewelry subscription box, with all your fashion necessities in one place. Take a sneak-peek below 🙂

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10 Things Every Fashionista is tired of hearing!!

Being a fashion blogger or a trendsetter or just having a statement style of your own may seem like fun and glamour on the outside( it is no doubt! 😉 ) but they have their own baggage to deal with! Mind you, setting those trends and dealing with those envious or admiring faces is no joke! For all those for whom this is Oh-so-relatable, scroll down and enjoy this read of comments you all are tired of hearing every time you dress up! 😀

1. “So why didn’t you go for design school?”

Yeah ,because fashion designing is the same as blogging! *facepalm*

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