10 Things Every Fashionista is tired of hearing!!

Being a fashion blogger or a trendsetter or just having a statement style of your own may seem like fun and glamour on the outside( it is no doubt! 😉 ) but they have their own baggage to deal with! Mind you, setting those trends and dealing with those envious or admiring faces is no joke! For all those for whom this is Oh-so-relatable, scroll down and enjoy this read of comments you all are tired of hearing every time you dress up! 😀

1. “So why didn’t you go for design school?”

Yeah ,because fashion designing is the same as blogging! *facepalm*

fashion memes

2. “If you change this, this and that; this outfit was so meant for you!”

Talk about easy to please. Don’t you absolutely love their choice?

fashion memes

3.  “Do you like, endorse this brand? “

Sure. And they eat gold and also have a flying pony! Get it?

fashion memes

4. “Is that from Sarojini ?”

The mark of a true fashionista is her ability to fare just as well at a local flea market as in a mall in her shopping or sartorial skills. So ya, it is from Sarojini and they still rock it like no one else!

fashion memes

5. “Oye Hoye Heroine!! ;)”

Don’t they just love it when you try to rub their face in the fact that they spend a LOT of time dressing up. Well you know what? The end result is worth the effort ! *high5*

fashion memes

6. “Fashion is such a competitive industry!”

True that. But its more fun, upbeat, trendy and interesting than digging into old company files all day! They let their unique personality shine by letting their fashion sense speak for them. Chin up ladies!

fashion memes

7. “Don’t take it personally, but…”

Oh but they will.Your comment on anything they wear is indirectly hurting the fashion bug inside them. Their style quotient is a reflection of their moods,traits and personality. And they can grow old trying to update themselves with the latest fashion norms and trends happily!

fashion memes

8. “Do you like, LIVE in your wardrobe?”

No they have better things to do for instance living their lives like normal people. They just tend to multitask slightly better and are adept at maintaining their on point ensembles!

fashion memes

9. “Your boyfriend is so lucky!”

He may be. He may not be. But they don’t just dress to impress guys, they dress for themselves too. Pamper yourself first is the golden rule they follow. Self-loving check.

fashion memes

10. “I have this super important party, help me dress up right for it?!”

And no matter how much you take a dig at them, or at least try to 😉 in the end you cannot help accept their prowess and take cues from them before any important event. Double standards much?

fashion memes

Nevertheless, they are awesome at what they do and create fashion trends and statements we simply can’t stop drooling over! #Whobedafashionista? #Youbedafashionista! Cheers!


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