I Hate You Like I Love You!! #SiblingLove

He is your default guy best friend and bodyguard rolled into one. Your brother is the only person in the world you can run to and hide your face when you’ve been mischievous or in those heart wrenching moments when all you want to do is to be in someone’s comforting arms.  This love-hate relationship is truly the best in the world and one should always cherish it. This Raksha Bandhan tag your brothers and take a trip down memory lane with Zotiqq with this little piece on how wonderful this bond is with its quirks and spice!

The infamous fight over the remote. Check. Taking it everywhere around with you so that he doesn’t flip the channel whilst you’re gone. Double Check.


Your brother might seem to be the one scaring you with horror stories of the trippy world out there but trust us, he will be the one with whom you’ll have your first go at every adventurous item in your bucket-list! And it will be epic fun because no friend will know you, your capacity and comfort levels as well as him.

drinking bud

All the latest songs whether its metal or EDM, punk rock or blues will be familiar to you thanks to your most updated bro . Have fun scorning those chics 😉

sibling fights

With an elder brother its compulsory to play wrestling and cricket ever since you’re a toddler. No escaping that. But hell yeah you will always be on top of your self defense  game quite literally.

sibling fights

But all those battle wounds adorning your face from every fight does make his heart melt and feel guilty. 😦

sibling fights

He is the world’s best blackmailer. And he knows that. He WILL play the big brother card when he needs you to run his errands for keeping that puking after the booze incident a secret from mom, or that latest sneak out that he busted. Hard luck sister.


But he will always always have your back and support you whenever you need permission for that night out with your girlfriends or when mom doesn’t trust you to take the right decision or hang out in an all guys group. Your too cool bro will always come to your rescue.

got our back

No guy will ever be good enough for you. Also you will forever be the naive damsel in distress for him. Your guy better watch it.

sibling love

On the same note, all his girlfriends better watch out too and be prepared to be fully scrutinized and stalked on social media to pass the carefully drafted mental check list.”Well I’m meeting you for the first time but I know everything about you woman”. *smirk*


You know all the gaalis and ways to handle the chichoras thanks to your updated dictionary of abuses.


Men don’t seem like they’re from a whole other planet altogether courtesy Big Brother. They will give you the best opinion on guys psyche and nothing can ever surprise you when it comes to annoying guy habits. #bestgirlfriend

understanding men

Tired of your wardrobe? Time to raid your big brother’s cupboard for that comfy boxers, oversized hoodies or that GAP tee!

sibling fights

That never ending brawl over touching his most prized possesions. But you do it anyway. *puppyface* 😛

sibling love

Those days when you would split everything in half to utmost accuracy and not sharing the fancy *phoren* chocolate from the Canada wali Maasi was the biggest crime there could ever be!

sibling rivalry

No matter how much you will be vying for him to leave home for college and enjoy all the attention at home, you will miss him when he leaves. Sad truth of life. There’s no fun when there’s nobody to bug you 24X7 .

awkward sibling hug

Most importantly, your brother is your best friend ever. He will tease you, hit you, snatch your last bite but he cannot see a single tear in your eye. He will fight everyone for you if need be, even your parents.

best friend

So we can hate them, we can love them but we can’t ignore them. And every guy in your life will have a tough time matching up to the standards they have set. So this Raksha Bandhan celebrate your love with him with some sugar some spice and something nice! ❤


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