Interesting Valentine’s Day gifts for her!

So the month of love is officially here, and so is the crazy amount of planning for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are the cheesy romantic or believe in subtly dropping hints to your lady, whether you have been in a relationship for long, or are planning to propose your lady love, there is no denying the fact that a gift is a must-have. And while chocolates and roses are a classic, there’s a lot more interesting gift options out there. Check out our list below:

  • “I Love you more than..” cookies. Get personalised messages written on cookies. Lots of them! Cookies have  generally longer shelf life as compared to cupcakes. Choose wisely.


  • Couple spa. Nothing beats stress like a couple spa. Follow it up with a fancy dinner, we say!


  • Heart and book box: A book with a carved out centre to hold another special gift is such a cool Valentine’s Day gift idea for her.


  • Interesting wall art/ framed quotes, so when she wakes up each morning, these sweet words are right in front of her! If you are feeling very artsy, paint these on your own!

love quotes

  • Jewelry. Nothing says it like jewelry. Better still, gift her one of our subscription plans and let her be surprised each month, until the next Valentine’s.

gifts for girls

  • Plan a romantic getaway, or spice things up by decorating your room with balloons that have your pictures or handwritten messages clipped on to them. You can D.I.Y. this with the help of a few clothes-pins.

valentines day gift ideas

What are your Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Do share in the comments 🙂

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