Accessorise your statement jewelry the right way

Confused how to match your accessories the right way? How to style that statement necklace with the cowl top? Scared to make a fashion faux? Don’t worry; we have got a cheat sheet for you! The ultimate necklace guide is here.

Who said denim shirts with bold jewellery don’t go hand in hand? Dare to be different with this bold experiment.

statement accessories

Leather jacket and fashion jewellery: Who says that leather jackets are self fashion associates? Nothing can beat a good bling to the attire especially when it enhances the look of the attire and completely gives you the oomph factor!

Animal print and Bold statement necklace: Afraid to match your already bold animal prints with the statement necklace? Fear not because this spring season it is the cool new boho yet chic look!


Graphic tees and sparkly necklaces: Girls love the glitter and sparkle so why not give that glam look to your plain old graphic tees that will definitely make heads turn.


Neon necklace with dull tops: Want to add some sugar and spice to your old dull tops? Style them with Neon statement necklaces and bring the life back to your old wardrobe!


What are your favorite ways to accessorise?

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