5 Latest Jewellery trends to follow

Summer 2016 is already here and still not updated your accessory box? Worry not for we bring the latest must haves this summer with the latest style and trends in mind.

Choker and statement necklaces: A must have in your wardrobe for spring 2016 if you are fond of chunky jewellery. Statement necklaces have made a comeback with matching them with anything and everything from dresses to denims. Choker necklaces are one of the essential jewellery assets to own .Neon colour necklaces have their own charm and are fun to experiment with giving a bold look.

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Top 5 fashionistas on-the-go!

Not only does an aspiring fashionista walks and talks fashion, they even travel fashion! Gone are the days when a velour tracksuit or a worn out hoodie would be our staple travel outfits. Today it is all about looking your fashionable best even when on the go if you don’t want your fashion quotient plummeting! So sartorial superiority at all times – in-flight and the business class lounge included – is the maxim we swear by. For tips on how to pull that off we have collected the airport attires of our top 5 style icons, after all who could get it any better than our forever-on-the-go celebrities! πŸ˜‰

1.Sonam Kapoor: The Quintessential Fashionista

sonam kapoor

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